Best Archery Targets for Beginners

Archery Target for Hunters

When you’re getting ready for the upcoming archery hunting season you have to spend time shooting.

The best archery targets available are found on the internet. The guys at Shaggy Outdoors provide details on the nine best targets for both beginner and advanced shooters.

The bottom line is you need to be shooting 25 or more shots every day leading up to the season.

Why do we consider it so important to get your shots in? The more practice you have the better you will be at making a clean shot. The last thing you as the hunter want to do is put a bad shot on an animal.

In 2021, I took a shot at an 8-point buck in Michigan from a tree stand. That shot was not placed well and the animal suffered from my mistake. When you practice you need to work on different scenarios. Don’t just shoot to shoot. Take time to process the potential situation and like a professional athlete mentally walk through what you would do in certain situations.

Getting your shots in will help get your sites and body ready. Mussel memory is important, but also working on shooting at different angles is important.

I practices for several months leading up to my MI trip in 2021. Finding myself in a tree made me concerned. I didn’t practice from a tree or elevated position and that threw off my shooting.

Prepared hunters work from all angles and positions. What if you had to shoot from you knees or from behind a tree. Are you prepared for these angles and shots.

Bag, Block, or 3D Targets

Get ready for the season and get yourself a new archery target. The block targets are good for practicing with your broadheads. Another key practice point. Does your broadheads shoot the same as your field tips? Most likely they don’t. Just like the veins they all can have a different adjustment to the arrow flight. So practice, practice, and then practice some more.

When you cannot shoot with your broadheads the bag targets are a great choice. These targets, depending on the size, can be less expensive and when you’re just starting out these is no need to spend a lot of money on a target.

The 3D Animal Archery Targets are the best for honing you skills. The size of the impact zone doesn’t change but using this type of target makes you focus in on the kill zone. Having the ability to shoot at an animal gets you better prepared for actual shots in the field.

Conclusion to Archery Targets and Options for Beginners

I always remember when I started out there were no block targets, no 3D targets, no bag targets in my backyard. My father picked up 3 hay bails from a friend and brought them over to the house. I was able to shoot for hours at these bails and the only changes I made were to the actual target.

Just get out and shoot. Pick up a archery target that works best for you. Check out the reviews on Shaggy Outdoors page as they even have a few options for bag stands and 3D targets.


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