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SURE-LOC® delivers everything you need

SURE-LOC® only uses the highest quality materials and we are committed to excellence in workmanship.
Your SURE-LOC® sight and accessories will provide you with many years of faithful service.
SURE-LOC® has the right sight for any style of archery — from world-class competition, to hunting in the back 40, and everything in between. If you want a sight with outstanding accuracy, exceptional durability and total dependability, SURE-LOC® is for you.


  • Lightest and strongest sight available for the compound bow

  • No-lock design

  • Ultra-light, super strong Titanium guide rod

  • Patented super accurate tracking system

  • Signature Isogrid design

  • Micro-adjustments in very accurate and repeatable .002" increments

  • Unique, patented split-block design for easy scope and pin attachment swapping

  • Precise, repeatable sight and accessory mounting

Sure-Loc on the Range
For target, 3-D, field and even international competition, SURE-LOC has the sights you need. Unrivaled precision, accuracy and quality are the reasons so many people choose Sure-Loc.  Whether your goal is winning target championships, world titles or gold medals, winners choose Sure-Loc.

Frame 400 or 550
The 400 frame is ideally suited for today's faster bows used in 3-D competition, with some crossover into field archery.  The 550 frame is the field and target archery calssic, with more range compatibility for your super accurate target

Sure-Loc Extensions
For SUPREME and CHALLENGER sights, SURE-LOC offers 6-inch, 9-inch or 12-inch extensions to personalize your sight picture.

The fully relieved Isogrid design of our Recurve X-Treme Series provides the durability you need in an extra-light-weight 9-inch extension.

SUPREME--Glory  with 6" or 9" Extension  $309.95

Right Hand  Left Hand

SUPREME  with 6" or 9" Extension  $289.95

Right Hand  Left Hand

SUPREME 12" Extension  $299.95

Right Hand  Left Hand



The CHALLENGER ULTRA is designed to be ultra-light.signature ISOGRID pattern is milled out of the reverse side of the extension to make this the lightest locking sight on the market!

Our standard mounting block makes this new sight even sleeker. 1.28 to 1.38 ounces, depending on extension length, have been trimmed off the weight. That is up to a 19% reduction in weight!

Improved mounting block with detent locator notch for precise placement of your extension! Ships with NEW Armored 3rd Axis Leveling Block!

CHALLENGER Ultra  $214.95

Right Hand  Left Hand

CHALLENGER Ultra 12" Extension  $224.95

Right Hand  Left Hand

Comparing apples to apples using cost, accuracy, and features, the CHALLENGER is second to only one in the industry... that is the SURE-LOC® SUPREME!
The lightweight CHALLENGER features a dependable vertical locking mechanism that is easy to use. Simply unlock the knob about 1/4 to 1/2 turn for true micro-adjustments of .002" or 2 to 2-1/2 turns to depress the knob and make rapid elevation adjustments. Windage adjustments are also a true .002". The CHALLENGER sights are compative with all SURE-LOC® accessories.

Improved mounting block with detent locator notch for precise placement of your extension! Ships with NEW Armored 3rd Axis Leveling Block!


Right Hand  Left Hand

CHALLENGER 12" Extension  $179.95

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Recurve X-Treme Series

Take Your Shooting to the X-Treme!

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of recurve sights, the SURE-LOC®  X-TREME SERIES has a model to suit your needs. Ultra-light isogrid extension, titanium guide rod and our legendary quality.

  Black, Silver 
Right Hand  Left Hand

QUEST-X  Glory   $319.95

Right Hand  Left Hand



Weighing in at a mere 8.5 ounces, the CONTENDER-X sports a conventional vertical locking mechanism and is the lightest member of the SURE-LOC® family of target sights. The CONTENDER-X is available in black only with a 5.5" frame and 9" extension.

Recurve aperture holder with Beiter washer and NEW Beiter 8 mm sight tunnel. Additional dot kits available as an accessory!
  • Our lightest sight a mere 8.5 ounces

  • Conventional vertical locking mechanism

  • Fully relieved Isogrid design

  • Micro-adjustments in vrey accurate and repeatable .002" increments

  • Patented split-block design for easy aperture swapping

  • Precise, repeatable sight and accessory mounting

CONTENDER-X  $224.95

Right Hand  Left Hand


Pin Attachments

Designed with a NEW ELLIPTICAL pin guard for serious competitive field archers and hunters, pin attachments from SURE-LOC® feature superb accuracy, micro-adjustability and excellent durability. The pin attachment is available in black or silver with FIVE fiber optic pins in either thin or razor style. Fiber sizes offered are .019", .029" and NEW .039".
Whether on the range or in the woods, these attachments will provide the durability and accuracy you need. Our pin racking feature can achieve the tightest pin gaps for today's fastest bows!

Redesigned and even more adjustable!



LETHAL WEAPON 1   Black  $189.95


Lethal Weapon 2 features:
  • direct mount

  • movable level

  • color black

  • .019   .029  .039 fiber size

  • Model 150--1.5" with 4 pins, or

  • Model 200--2.0" with 5 pins

LETHAL WEAPON 2   Black  $149.95




The LETHAL WEAPON® MAX gives you the widest range of adjustment for any pivoting hunting sight.
It has 2 and 3 axes leveling capability, smooth, solid 2.5" vertical slide action, and a solid lock.
Featuring the standard LETHAL WEAPON® micro pin adjustments - in your choice of 3 or  5 thin pins -
 this surprisingly lightweight sight is in a class of its own.


LETHAL WEAPON Max  $229.95

NEW Lethal Weapon® MAX-ST
The extended range SOLO TACTICAL SIGHT!

LETHAL WEAPON Max-ST   $229.95



The LETHAL WEAPON® 2M comes with your choice of .019", .029" or .039"size fibers in the razor or thin pin. This model sports a 3" direct-mount with tapped holes to hold your quiver.

Choose from steel fiber optic thin or razor pins in .019", .029", or .NEW .039" fiber size.
Package includes instructions to guide you in removing, changing or adjusting pins.
Additional pin/fiber kits and holders sold separately.


includes lens kit and scope body kit. 
.29mm lens kit 

.35 or.42mm pin


.30, .55 .70, .80 1.0 diopter  $175.95

.35 or .42mm
  .30, .50, .60 diopter  $233.95


.35 or .42mm

Black Eagle Dot Transfer Kit


Allows use of any of the Black Eagle 42mm lenses on  LETHAL WEAPON® Model 200 Sights, excluding Special Ops.  Use the choke tube alone to provide extra protection for your pins and/or reduce the viewing diameter from
2" to 1-11/16."



Lens Adapter/Choke Tube

Offset Bracket

Bow vibrations can cause damage to your scope
and/or sight components. Using an offset bracket correctly
helps reduce vibrations to the working
of the sight and scope by moving them closer,
therefore reducing the magnitude of the vibration.
This bracket, along with our Sight Saver, adds maximum protection against vibration stress.
Available in black or silver.


Offset Bracket


Lethal Weapon Light Kit

This fingertip controlled, brightness adjustable light can be
mounted so it aims up or down on your fibers. 
For use with all LETHAL WEAPON sights.


Lethal Weapon Special Ops Light Kit

Provides even more light for SPECIAL OPS.  Kit includes top cap and black snap cover for fiber spool.

Regular LETHAL WEAPON Light Kit can also be used on



Intensity Kit

Available in 5" long .019, .029, and .039 size fibers, this kit creates a super bright aiming dot for low light situations.  Intensity its are available for the 29mm, NEW 35 mm and 42mm Black Eagle Scope housing.

Choose from 3-fiber package in red, yellow, green or mixed or NEW blue (.019 or .029).

Use with sheath or cut into a standard razor fiber.



 Black Eagle Lens Cleaning Kit

For your Swarovski Optik lenses or binoculars.  The cleaning kit includes solvent, lens cloth and a short dust brush.



Reduce the tedious, time-consuming, trial-and-error methods of determining sight settings.

The program will calculate accurate sight settings and allows you to print scales to attach to your sight.  In addition, it can
supply you with information such as down range arrow speed, arrow drop, exact sight scale settings for every yard, and more.


Quiver Mount

Mounts directly to your bow under your sight mount and extends backward, offering a two-position set of mounting holes for your quiver. Works with most side-mounted quivers.


Sight Saver

The Sight Saver, a SURE-LOC® exclusive by SIMS®,
properly mounted, can reduce damaging vibration to the sight from today’s fast, high performance bows by up to 60%!

Proper mounting of sight saver is .5" to .75" from "T" of the extension
with SIMS® dampener facing the archer as shown here.



Sight Saver

Scope Light Kit

Provides infinitely adjustable lighting for your fiber optics.  Turn the purple UV light on, off or vary the intensity for the perfect illumination customized to your needs.

This privoting light mounts easily on all SURE-LOC target sights.