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Sims Vibration Labratory is recognized world-wide as an industry leader in vibration suppression and noise reduction technology.  Through the past year, the engineers at Sims Vibration Laboratory have made stunning advancements in the LimbSaver line of products.  Now, with the foundation of Navcom at its core; LimbSaver prepares to unveil the future in archery.

LimbSaver has maintained a mission statement that responds both to its own change, and to new developments in the world.  While we strive to be one of the world's most respected enterprises, our dream is to do even more, as we envision a future where LimbSaver will be known as a market leader.  The waves of change will be even greater, the rate of change will be faster, and our transition will continue, but our corporate model will remain:  innovation, customer service and, most importantly, our commitment to manufacturing Products that Work!

SVL Technology
Testing Procedures
Since the very beginning, Sims Vibration Laboratory has been committed to engineering products utilizing the most advanced state-of-the-art technology available.  This overwhelming determination and dedication to excellence is in place to accomplish one main, but simple, goal:  manufacturing "Products that Work."  This unrelenting drive has resulted in our being the World Leader in producing the most effective noise and vibration dampening products available today.

We at SVLare constantly researching, testing and evaluating new technologies, materials and designs to ensure you receive the most effective sound and vibration dampening products possible.

The graphs found in this catalog dramatically illustrate the incredible difference between equipment with and without LimbSaver products.  While remarkable on their own, the most significant illustration of what our products can do takes place not only in the laboratories and test facilities, but also int he field under real-life condition where the effects of LimbSaver are really experienced.

NAVCOMTM is the magical material that outperforms all other elastomeric materials in sound and vibration reduction.  NAVCOMTM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) is a highly-effective vibration control material that absorbs the transmission of vibration throughout the broadband spectrum of 10 to 30,000hz.  It was developed by Steven C. Sims in 1984 after 18+ months' testing and trying various combinations of butyl, raw silicone rubber, sorbothane, neoprene and numerous other viscoelastic materials in reducing direct vibration.  It gained its initial success in the audio, consumer electronics, aerospace and automotive industries.  More recently, NAVCOMTM is being applied to recreational and sporting equipment to improve performance and increase the participant's comfort.