Always Know Where Your Arrow Goes


Super Uninock  $8.95

Fits these arrows:

  • Goldtip
  • Beman ICS
  • Carbon Xpress
  • Vapor
  • Epison
  • SideWinder
  • Carbon Aeros
  • Carbon Revolution
  • PSE Carbon Force
  • PSE Radial Weave
  • Quick Strike
  • Laser Pro
  • Carbon Impact
  • Carbon Edge
  • Satellite
  • Venture
  • Carbon Tech
  • SuperCarbon

Super Uninock Package of 3 $24.95

Lightning Bolt $8.95
  • Weighs 28 grains but only adds 18 grains
  • Fits 2219 aluminum shafts
  • Sold in 22" carbon bolt weighing 350 grains
  • Made in flat style only, crescents soon to come

The Lightning Bolt is a
lighted crossbow nock in
two sizes:  2219 and a carbon bolt.

Lightning Bolt Package of 3 $24.95

Lightning Bolt $8.95
  • Weighs 26 grains but only adds 16 grains
  • Battery is easily replaced
  • Last for up to 40 hours

Fits Easton Axis, Beman MFX and AC Super Slim

Lumenok X Package of 3 $24.95


The Lumenok...
 Is Lightweight.
 It adds only 22 grains to the weight of the archer's nock. Little effect to arrow flight is detectable.
 Is Self Contained.
 The Lumenok requires no magnets, no glue; it contains no switch or any other moving parts.
There is nothing to attach to your bow or glue into your arrow to make it work.

Fits most popular arrows.
 That includes any arrow that accepts a TCX Nock, Bohning Signature Nock or Easton Super Uni-nock.
  Is Easy to Use.
 Just remove the original nocks from your arrows and insert the Lumenok. When the nock is
fully seated against the "electrically conductive" end of the carbon or aluminum arrow shaft, the Lumenok lights.
Wiggling the nock back and forth in the shaft breaks electrical contact between the arrow shaft and the Lumenok, causing the light to go off. At this point, the archer can put the Lumenok equipped arrow in his quiver and forget about it. It will automatically be activated upon release of the arrow when shot, allowing the archer to more easily follow
the flight of his arrow. The Lumenok will remain lit for up to 40 hours or until retrieved and is turned off by
wiggling it back and forth. These nocks will operate hundreds of times.