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Instructions for the installation and adjustment of the TREE TOP sight:

Carefully read all instructions before beginning.

Mount the sight aperture bracket to the middle of the windage bracket.
Mount the assembly from step 1 to the bow mounting bracket.
Mount the final assembly to the bow using the two mounting screws.
Adjust the windage bracket to 1/8" left of center shot (for right handed bows).
Adjustment of sight:

Locate and tighten the stop at the end of the slot. #1
Locate and tighten the stop at the middle of the slot. #2
Get close to the target and shoot the first arrow.
Set the sight to be on target at 20 yards from ground level. Move the sight body right or left for windage and up or down for elevation adjustments.
Re-adjust the sight for desired tree stand elevation at a target 20 yards from the stand.
After tree stand elevation adjustment, return to ground level and shoot again at 20 yards. If needed, a fine adjustment may be required by adjusting Stop #1.

Special Note:

The Tree Top sight is unique in that the user can fine adjust the sight pin for either fast or slow bow setups. To make the fine adjustment, remove the Light Guard. Then loosen the set screw in the middle of the pin spool 3 turns and pull the pin outward. On the inside of the pin spool, there are graduations for fine adjustment. For faster bow setups, rotate the pin to the right (clockwise) or towards the shooter. For slower bow setups, rotate the pin to the left (counter clockwise) or away from the shooter. After adjustment, tighten the screw in the middle of the pin spool, replace the Light Guard and re-shoot the target.

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