The Chocolate Addiction
New for 2004 is the magnificent Chocolate Addiction.

This trigger release is loaded with great features. For instance, the new Adjusto Trigger Plus rotates 360 degrees, so the perfect thumb position setting is just a quick spin away.

The Chocolate Addiction is also the most adjustable Carter ever! At the base of the trigger lever are three holes. The first one adjusts trigger travel while the other two are spring-loaded to affect trigger tension. The tension and travel setting options are endless.

That's not all folks. The cocking lever on the back closes the hasp with one motion. Place hook on string or D-loop, push cocking lever, hasp closes on string -- simple as that. It is available in two-finger, three-finger and four-finger models and can be shot off a D-Loop or string.

So, if you are seeking the most comfortable, accurate and adjustable trigger release in the world -- get "Addicted."

(NOTE: The Chocolate Addiction is not actually made of chocolate and is not edible even though it does look good enough to eat.)


Solution 3
The Carter Solution 3 is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication to creating the finest archery products in the world.

With the Solution 3, the archer has the ability to shoot the release as a back-tension style release with a safety, or as a thumb trigger release, all with the simple turning of a single set screw. The release allows adjustment of both travel and tension of the trigger and safety.

There is also a travel adjustment screw for the hinged head if the release is shot as a back tension release.

With a case design that will fit just about any hand size, the Solution 3 may very well be the greatest release ever put out on the market! We certainly think so!



The Insatiable
It is considered by many to be the "work-horse" of all releases. It is a simple, no-nonsense release that many pros rely on when the shots count and you don't want to worry about your equipment.

The Insatiable offers the latest design in comfort and control. Smooth, round edges disperse pressure evenly across the fingers. The arched handle helps place the elbow at a more natural position for better control.

Reo Wilde recently won the World Championships in France with this release. It gets the job done and asks for more.



Insatiable 2
Another spin off of the original Insatiable, the Insatiable 2 has an improved internal spring mechanism and an improved jaw and case arrangement that makes the Insatiable 2 one of the most advanced releases ever built.

It practically melts into your hand so you can just forget about it and aim. Just stare down the X and let it do its thing.

George Ryals, team shooter for Martin Archery, uses this release and has shot perfect 900 scores at The World Archery Festival in Las Vegas for the past four years. What he does to Vegas Xs is disturbing. We aren't saying you will shoot as well as George, but we're not saying you won't either.



Target Master 2
A take off of the Same Old Thing, the Target Master 2 is an upgraded version of the Target Master, with added finger grooves.

It can be shot as a thumb-trigger release or it can be fired using your little finger (we try not to call it a pinky release).

You asked for finger grooves, we listened! The Target Master 2 also comes with our advanced spring management system and improved rope slot.



Fits Me
The name says it all! Designed to fit small and medium hand sizes, the Fits Me takes its styling cues from the ever so popular Insatiable.

With it smooth rounded casings it is one of the most comfortable release we offer. Ladies love it.

Easy loading and precise trigger feel are just a few of the reasons why this is one of Jerry's favorite releases.

So, if you have smaller hands and can't find the perfect release, pick up this one and you'll shout "It Fits Me!"



Just Cuz
While returning from a recent trip to Iowa, Dave Cousins and I sat brainstorming about the Target 3 release aid on the airplane. We came up with a few modifications such as:

• spreading the index and middle finger 1/8" farther apart for an easier defined anchor;
• removing the rope attachment, since you shoot with a loop; and
• adding more separation between the fingers to keep them in a defined spot.

By using slightly thicker stock, we were able to round the corners better than on the Target 3. To keep from dropping the aid, we enclosed the hole around the index finger, or maybe so you could spin it around your finger after that perfect shot! The real reason for modifying the Target 3. . . Just Cuz!



Target 3
The three finger design of the Target 3 allows you to drop your little finger off the release while still giving you all of the preferred features of the Target 4.

World champion Dave Cousins said, "It is the most accurate release in the world!"



Target 4
Formerly known as the BK Target, the Target 4 is our most popular release. It is a closed reversed jaw, four finger, thumb release. It has been redesigned to make it easier on D loops and release rope and also for easier loading.

The four finger design is very comfortable for medium to large hands and the rounded corners give you the feeling that it is custom made.

If you buy a Target 4, you may be one of the next world champions.



3D 2000
The 3D 2000 is a combination of the Gorilla and the BK3D. It has the improved head design for ease of loading and less string wear.

The open style and smooth handle make it one of the most versatile releases for fitting any hand size from large to small. The wider separation between the index and middle finger makes it easier to find an anchor.

It is supplied with a lanyard and probably loads easier than any closed jaw Carter release.

We are sure it will be one of your favorites. It is one of ours.



Formerly known as the BK Hunter, the Hunter has been popular with hunters and target shooters since it was invented.

Its much copied open jaw design has made it one of the most sought after hunting releases for the serious hunter.

This is a double sear thumb trigger release and is very popular with D loop shooters. It has a lanyard included so it can be attached to the wrist





Inspired by the popularity of the Atension Hinge and the desire for greater diversity in case design, the modular design of the new Atension 2 allows the shooter to choose between the standard two-finger case, or a three- or four-finger release all with the installation of one of two included modular finger pieces.

Other features include Carter’s Ratchet Adjustment System and built-in clicker for back tension at its finest.

2 - 3 - 4 Finger  $150.95

Solution 2.5
Carter developed the original back tension release with a safety, the Solution, which holds several world and national records.

The Solution 2.5 is a highly refined version of that release. More versatile than the original Solution, the Solution 2.5 allows you to begin your rotation from any point once the safety is disengaged. Because it is very short from fingers to hook, it does not shorten your draw length.

The Solution 2.5 has a clean design and an internal hinge that is protected from your middle finger by the enclosed finger hole in the case.

It also has the easiest and most refined adjustment of hook-to-moon engagement of any Carter release. Plus, it only requires one small movement of the set screw for adjustment and works perfectly on a D-loop or with a rope.

The Solution 2.5 is available in 2-, 3-, and 4-finger models. It is a "must have" for serious archers.


Hinge  $97.95
Spike  $58.59



Get back to basics with the ultimate back tension release. The comfortable contoured handle will fit any hand size and it comes in a variety of colors.

An improved version of the original Colby, this back tension release is an excellent training aid. Utilizing Carter's R.A.S.  Technology, this release is a must for every archer wanting to improve their form and their score.


Hinge  $97.95

Spike  $58.59

Derived from the Insatiable, this back tension release uses the R.A. S.  Technology for precise adjustment. Ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and accuracy. It can be shot either with a D-loop or using the attached rope.

Just wrap your fingers around it, settle on the X, relax your arm and tighten your back. Then listen to the crowd cheer after you nail it.

Available in the Hinged or Spike version. See instructions for Hinge  and Spike.



Two Shot
Our newest hunting release is the Two Shot. We took the popular One Shot and made it even better.

This index finger release has a triple sear which allows the pressure to be spread out over six points instead of the normal two. It features a beefed up casing and larger hasp opening.

Also, this release was designed especially for clamping directly to the bow string, but works just as well with D-loop or rope tied to the release.

This sleek design is even user friendly with gloves on and comes with your choice of a Velcro or buckle wrist strap. The head of the release is anodized in black or camo. The camo pattern is Sherwood Treebark. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to shoot.

Wide Jaw  Camo  $68.00  Black  $65.00
Closed Jaw  Camo  $65.00  Black  $61.95
Open Jaw  Camo  $65.00  Black  $61.95

LokJaw 2000
The LokJaw 2000 is a refinement of the original LokJaw, available in three distinct designs tailored to fit your specific shooting needs. Use the closed wide jaw to shoot directly off your bowstring without causing undue serving wear, or the closed narrow jaw to shoot off a D-loop or an attached piece of rope. The open jaw model also works well off a D-loop or attached rope and allows you to lock the jaw now, but not hook it to your bow until moments before your intended shot.

The new rounded trigger and incorporated safety make this a pleasure to shoot. The strap and hook up design make this release adjustable for small to very large hands. The fall away design of the strap will make it very easy to pull arrows or write down 10s on your score card. Priced in the mid range we are sure this will be the most sought after hunting release available.

Once you have tried this release and experienced the accuracy of a single jaw and the exceptional trigger you will not look any further for the perfect index finger release.


Thumb Shoe        $11.00
Palm Shoe           $11.00
Friction Enhancer $5.00

Customized Trigger Attachments
To customize each release to the individual shooter's style Carter has developed a variety of trigger attachments.  These can be purchased separately from the release for our thumb trigger models.  The Thumb Shoe, Palm Shoe and the Friction Enhancer are threaded so that they attach to the thumb trigger as easily as the Adjusto Trigger which is included with each release purchase.