Arrow Rests and 
    other archery and bowhunting equipment

Arrow Rests for Archery and Bowhunting

Terry's Archery Plus carries the entire line of Bodoodle Rests.
We also carry rests by other manufacturers. 
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PRO 500
BLACK  or   SILVER  105.98
BLACK or  SILVER  79.95

Camo 112.95

Camo  84.95

  • Competitive and professional shooters choice

  • Lightweight

  • Extremely durable

  • Perfect arrow flight

  • Quiet and easy to adjust

  • Lateral, vertical and vernier adjustments

  • New Design for 2005!
  • Super lightweight
  • Stability and speed in any shooting situation
  • Fully adjustable
  • Quiet
  • Easy to tune for perfect arrow flight


BLACK  31.95 


BLACK  34.95 

  • Zappers prevent arrows from falling off your rest

  • Virtually eliminates arrow drop-off

  • Easy to tune and set up

  • Top loading and lightweight

  • All-metal for strength and durability

  • Smooth and fast arrow flight

  • Fletching zips through without noise or loss of speed

  • Specifically designed for finger shooters
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easily tunes to your arrows and shooting style
  • Accurate and consistent arrow flight every time
  • Extremely durable

This rest shoots like darts from the moment you put it on your bow. Designed for buss cable activation. Handles any style or size arrow and any fletching without interference. Quick to set up. Totally adjustable. Perfect arrow flight every shot.
  • New stainless steel Hunter Speed Fins keep your arrow on the rest, even if you cant your bow.
  • Supports arrow gently, but releases at the exact correct moment.
  • Tunes perfectly in just minutes.
  • Totally silent shooting.
  • Cable attachment to forward buss cable.
  • So easy, nothing can go wrong.
  • Precision machined aluminum body. Stainless steel speed fins.
  • Smoke Quiet Tape (included) silences any hint of noise of arrow on speed fins.
  • LH or RH.

The New Automatic Drop Away Arrow Rest For
Game Dropper is the drop away arrow rest that does it all. Both "drop down" and "reset" is fully Automatic. No cables, slides, tubing, rods or strings. Easy to adjust and fine tune. Made for bowhunters.
  • Quick tuning for perfect broadhead flight.
  • Simple tuning adjustments.
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustments lock down tight and hold rock solid.
  • Will not come out of adjustment.
  • After stabilizing the arrow, the Game Dropper's speed fins Automatically drop down out of the way for fletching clearance.
  • Accurate. Dependable. Flawless performance year after year.
  • Consistent arrow flight every time.
  • Right or left handed.
  • Two adjustable speed fins.

Visit the Bodoodle website for further information on these and other rests.