Doinker  Accessories

Brain child of "Mad Scientist" Doinker® Bill, Doinkers are the product that started it all.  Fuse any of these Doinkers to your stabilizer to diminish vibration or isolate your stabilizer from its weight.  You'll go insance when you realize how ell the Doinker® ITP technology sucks up noise and vibration.  With a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from, there is sure to be a model to destroy your notion of what a shot should "feel" like.

1" Doinker A-Bomb Standard, 1.7oz 5/16-24 Thread Size
B1-2  $18.95

3/4" Doinker A-Bomb Standard, 1.1oz 1/4-20 Thread Size
B34-2  $18.95

  3/4" Black Doinker A-Bomb Standard, 1.3oz 5/16-24 Thread Size
BB34-2  $22.95
3/4" Dinky Doinker, 0.5oz each
1/4-20 Thread Size

DK34-1  $22.95


Conceived from the tournament-winning D.N.A. of Doinker® Target Stabilizers, Doinker® Hunting Stabilizers offer the ultimate in stealth technology.  The lethal combination of Doinker® A-Bomb TM technology and our exclusive 4-in-1 camo wraps allow you to escape recognition from your quarry's eyes and ears.  Customizable camo wraps morph your stabilizer to match nearly any bow, while Doinker® ITP technology minimizes bow noise and vibration.  All Plus-series stabilizers allow you to choose between 4 configuarations of camo to mazimise your stealth:  Realtree Hardwoods HD® Green TM, Realtree Hardwoods HD®, MossyOak® New Break-Up or Standard Black.

4-1 Plus Series Camo Wraps

Realtree Hardwoods® HDTM Green Realtree Hardwoods® HDTM MossyOak® New Break-Up®

Chubby Series

Multi-Rod Series

3" Chubby Hunter, 4.2oz
BHC3  $20.95

5" Multi-Rod Hunter Plus, 6.5oz
BM5P  $54.95
4" Chubby Hunter, 5.2oz
BHC4  $24.95

7" Multi-Rod Hunter Plus, 6.9oz
BM7P  $65.95
5" Chubby Hunter, 6.0oz
BHC5  $33.95
10" Multi-Rod Hunter Plus, 7.2oz
BM10P  $65.95
6" Chubby Hunter, 6.3oz
BHC6  $40.95

Woodsman Series

5" Woodsman Hunter Camo, 6.3oz
SW5  $25.95
5" Woodsman Hunter Weighted, Black 7.4oz
SW5W  $28.95

Elite Hunting Series

7" Elite Hunter Stabilizer, 10.2 oz
BE7 $84.95
11.5" Carbon Elite Hunter, Black 11.8 oz
BCH11  $126.95


Elite Target Series

7" Target Stabilizer 10.2 oz
BE7T  $84.95
11.5" Carbon Elite Graphic Target Stabilizer 11.8 oz
BCE11  $126.95

Carbon Target Series

10.5" Carbon 3-D Field Stabilizer 8.1 oz
BC10  $60.95

Aluminum Field Series

11.5" Field Stabilizer, Black
10.5 oz

BF11  $44.95

Quadra-Flex Field

11.5" Quadra-Flex Stabilizer, Smoke 10.1 oz


Chubby Series

2 3/4" Chubby Target 5/3 pz
BT2  $42.95

Quadra-Flex Series

 40" Quadra-Flex Stabilizer 13.2 oz
QF40  $185.95
 35" Quadra-Flex Stabilizer 12.0 oz
QF35  $185.95
 30" Quadra-Flex Stabilizer 11.7 oz
QF30  $185.95
 25" Quadra-Flex Stabilizer 11.3 oz
QF25  $185.95
 8" Quadra-Flex V-Bar Set 12.8 oz
QFV8  $165.95
 10" Quadra-Flex V-Bar Set 13.1 oz
QFV10  $165.95
 12" Quadra-Flex V-Bar Set 13.5 oz
QFV12  $165.95
 Quadra-Flex Sliding Weight 1.4 oz
QFSW  $22.95


 Quadra-Flex Stack Weight, Aluminum 1.5 oz
QFWL  $22.95
 Quadra-Flex Stack Weight, Stainless 4.3 oz
QFWS  $22.95

 5" Quadra-Flex Extension 3.6 oz
QFE5 $31.95
 4" Quadra-Flex Extension 3.5 oz
QFE4 $31.95
 3" Quadra-Flex Extension 3.5 oz
QFE3 $31.95

Alumni-Komp Series

30" Alumni-Komp Stabilizer 7.9 oz
BA30 $70.95
 25" Alumni-Komp Stabilizer 7.2 oz
BA25 $70.95
 8" Alumni-Komp V-Bar Set 10.4 oz
BAV8 $70.95
10" Alumni-Komp V-Bar Set 10.9 oz
BAV10 $70.95

Kid-O Series

 15" Kid-O Stabilizer, Black 2.6 oz
KD15 $23.95
 7" Kid-O Stabilizer, Black 2.2 oz
KD7 $21.95

Carbon Elite Series Stabilizers

 18.5" Carbon Elite Graphite Stabilizer 12.6 oz
BCE18 $162.95
 28.5" Carbon Elite Graphite Stabilizer 13.2 oz
BCE28 $162.95
 34.5" Carbon Elite Graphite Stabilizer 13.5 oz
BCE34 $162.95
 31.5" Carbon Elite Graphite Stabilizer 13.4 oz
BCE31 $162.95

Soft End Caps

 5/16-24 Thread Size Soft End Cap
WCS2 $9.95
 1/4-20 Thread Size Soft End Cap
WCS1 $9.95

Carbon Series Stabilizers

 34" Carbon Graphite Stabilizer 5.2oz
BC34 $120.95
 30" Carbon Graphite Stabilizer 4.8oz
BC30 $108.95
 27" Carbon Graphite Stabilizer 4.7oz
BC27 $108.95
24" Carbon Graphite Stabilizer 3.6oz
BC24 $108.95
 18" Carbon Graphite Stabilizer 3.2 oz
BC18 $108.95

Carbon V-Bar Series

 12" Carbon Graphite V-Bar Set 6.9 oz
BCV12 $108.95
 10" Carbon Graphite V-Bar Set 6.5 oz
BCV10 $108.95
 8" Carbon Graphite V-Bar Set 6.2 oz
BCV8 $108.95

Stabilizer Extensions

 3" Aluminum Extension 2.0 oz
E3  $18.95
 4" Aluminum Extension 2.5 oz
E4  $18.95
5" Aluminum Extension 3.1 oz
E5  $19.95
 6" Aluminum Extension 3.8 oz
E6  $19.95


 Adjustable V-Bar Mount 4.9 oz
AVBM  $52.9
 4.5" Supression Mount 4.7 oz
also available in black

MSI  $49.95

 Dual Quick Disconnects for Adjustable V-Bar Mount 2.8oz.
(Mount sold separately)

AVBMQDC  $32.95

 Adjustable Offset Mount with PowerGrip Washer, Eye-Bolt included 1.5oz.

AOSM  $48.95

Bolts and Screws

 Quick Disconnect 1.4 oz.
QDC $20.95

 3/4" Eyebolt, 0.9oz.
QDCEB34 $12.95

 Quadra-Flex Bolt 1.8oz.
QFB $20.95

Weighted Dampener

Godfrey Sight-Eze, 0.9oz 10/32 Thread Size

EZE $21.95

Pee Wee Doinker

PeeWee Doinker, 0.5oz 8/32 Thread Size

 PWD $22.95

Billy Bar V-Bar Mounts

Angled 40 degrees out and 10 degrees down.
Weight 0.8 ounces

 BBA $42.95


Straight. 40 degrees out and 0 degrees down.
Weight 0.9 ounces

 BBS $42.95



Burley Bar V-Bar Mount Angled, 1.3oz
Angles: 10 Degrees Down, 40 Degrees Out

 IB2 $42.95

Adjustable Weights

DAWG  $22.95
The D.A.W.G. System consists of
three 1.5 ounce weights with
1/4 x 20 threaded studs for target,
3-d or Hunting Applications.

These stainless weights are the highest quality
and finish in the Doinker tradition.

DAWG Stainless Weights 5.0 oz.

DAWGB Black Weights 5.0 oz.

DAWGB $22.95

Stack Weight Aluminum 1.2 oz
WS1L $22.95
 Stack Weight Stainless 3.3 oz
WS1 $22.95
 Stack Weight Black 3.4 oz
WS1B $22.95

Doinker D.I.S.H. Series:
Our newest invention, the Doinker D.I.S.H (Distal, Interrupted, Stabilizer, Hub) is an all-new concept in stabilizer utility and performance. The super-sized Hub acts like a Doinker on steroids as it champions bow torque, noise, vibration and shock. The Patent Pending Hub employs our proprietary Interrupted Transfer Polymer and is the most effective Doinker we have ever constructed. Adding to this stabilizers unique concept is its 4.5-inch flexible, variable weight disc that uses our proprietary STACK Weights to weight the forward end. By putting the weight at the distil end of the stabilizer, shooters are able to aim steadier and make the most of a stabilizer’s two main functions: stabilization prior to the shot, and dampening after the arrow is released. Offered in 2.5, 6, and 12-inch lengths, the Doinker D.I.S.H is exceptionally unique in its design and affords complete weight customization from a feathery 6 ounces, up to a robust 2 pounds, 14 ounces! A complimentary quick disconnect allows you to effortlessly mount and dismount the D.I.S.H for easy transport and travel.

2.5” Doinker Dish
6” Doinker Dish
12” Doinker Dish
Low Weight
Standard Weight
High Weight
2lb. 10oz
2lb. 13oz
2lb. 14oz
   12" D.I.S.H. $80.95

 6" D.I.S.H (with full weights) $72.95

 2.5" D.I.S.H $64.95